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Devotions for the Hungry Heart: Chasing Jesus Six Days from Sunday left me full and longing for more!

Devotions for the Hungry Heart by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is not date based so one can start at any time. This was exciting for me as I did not receive it on January 1. Another great feature of this 20 week devotional is that it runs from Monday – Saturday with devotionals for those who seek God every day of the week. Honestly, I do find myself wishing there was a Sunday devotional but that is because I am enjoying Shellie’s stories so much. The headings are continuous throughout the book and all based on a Hungry Heart. Mondays focus on surrendered hearts, Tuesdays on intentional hearts, Wednesday on a praying heart, Thursday on a celebrating heart, Friday on a needy heart, and Saturday on a sharing heart. Each devotional includes a great story from the author’s personal life and ends with a correlation to the scriptures and a Bible verse.
The Bible verse has given me a great start to jump right into the scriptures for a daily reading. The author has added several recipes with pictu…

Amish Sweethearts: Collection of Four Novellas by Amy Clipson

Amish Sweethearts by Amy Clipston is a collection of four sweet, Amish romances that will release Tuesday, January 9, 2018.  

Love and Buggy Rides
Janie Lantz is a cashier at Lancaster Souvenirs and Buggy Rides, where Jonathan Stoltfuz is a buggy driver. After a frightening accident where Jonathan is the dirver of the rig occurs, Janie and Jonathan start talking and a fast friendship occurs. Jonathan blames himself even though Janie saw that it was the driver of the cars fault. After her father tells her to not get involved, will she come forward and ease Jonathan’s mind and help settle the situation?
A Home for Lindsay

Straight from Amy Clipston’s beloved Kauffman Amish Bakery, Lindsay is eager to get married to Matthew and have a home of her own after being so unsure of where she belongs.  When he calls of the wedding due to circumstances beyond her control, will her heart break or will she get her happy ending?  
Where the Heart Is

Tobias arrives back home after his trip to the rehab.…