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The Celebration is Indeed a Celebration!!!

The Celebration by Wanda Brunstetter is the third book in the series The Amish Cooking Class. Lyle and Heidi have taken in young siblings whose parents have passed away in a car accident. In hopes to increase the kids’ social circles, Heidi offers a cooking class to children.

The students are a little different in this book, two children whose parents are separated, a son of a single parent father, a daughter of a singe parent mom, and a young girl who is spoiled.
Heidi has to approach this class differently as she is not only teaching children to cook, but also providing support through her Bible verses to the families. It was great to see how Lyle and Heidi along with the other families assisted each other when in need.

It was great to see Kendra and baby Heidi back in the story along with the new marriage of friends.
As always, it is easy to root for Lyle and Heidi. I was very excited that they had found a family and was eager to see if they would be able to adopt. I hope there is…