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Today I want to spotlight a new release book by Amy Lillard. Kappy King and the Puppy Kaper is book one of An Amish Mystery series and released on December 27, 2017.

Kappy “Kathryn” King is the kapp maker and odd ball in her district. Upon returning home from a shopping trip, she find her front door painted blue, the color that meant she was single and looking for a husband. No doubt in her mind, she knows that her neighbor, Jimmy, is to blame.
Jimmy, a young man with Down’s Syndrome, lives with his mother, Ruth Peachey, across the road from Kappy. They bred Beagles and rent out their land to other Amish farmers. Upon going to confront Jimmy about her blue door, she discovers Jimmy crying over his mother’s dead body.  
Jimmy’s shunned sister, Edie, returns home in time for her mother’s funeral.  During the funeral, the police show up to arrest poor Jimmy. Edie and Kappy make it their mission to solve the murder and free Jimmy.
This book was the perfect mix of humor and suspense. I defin…

Welcome To My Blog

Well folks, this is the start of my long procrastinated blog. Hopefully you will enjoy my random thoughts on the various books that I have enjoyed reading. While I review books, I do not give away too many details of the book. I strive to get the reader interested in the book, without spoiling the story plot or ending. I will also do my best to include information about the author and other books in the series. Most of my books will be Christian fiction but I will post about various fiction and non-fiction books that I find interesting. I will be doing reviews and giveaways on my YouTube channel as well. Please subscribe and follow for your chance to win!

I am beginning a new book today by Kathleen Fuller titled Words From the Heart.

Please check back for recent reviews and thoughts!

Happy reading from one Book Worm to another!