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A delightful story of family, faith, and forgiveness

Charlotte Hubbard’s, newest book, A Mother’s Love, is a delightful story of family, faith, and forgiveness.
Leah and Jude can’t wait to be husband and wife, but they both are on the receiving ends of doubt from their family and community. Leah, an only child, tended to be outdoors with her father and the farm animals more than in the house with her mother learning to become a good Amish wife. Jude is a widower of three children, two teenage daughters, and a young son. The twins are in their running around time and seem to be out of control.
Leah expects her new mother-in-law to stay in the home to assist with cooking, cleaning, and child care, but she bashes that hope when she tells them that she is moving out on the day of the wedding. Leah wanted to tend to her animals and help where needed. Now she is thrust into a life with children who obviously do not want her there. She quickly learns that the struggle will be difficult if she wants to make her husband believe that everything i…

New to Me Author Susan Lantz Simpson's newest release!

In The Promise by Susan Lantz Simpson, we meet Phoebe who lives in Maryland with her family. She is a big help to her mother and younger siblings. The book opens with a normal Saturday trip to market to sell their wares to the locals and tourists. Phoebe, along with her 13 year-0ld sister Martha, takes their young sisters to look at the alpacas. Phoebe, who is very fascinated by the alpacas, leaves Martha to care for the younger siblings and accepts the offer of the farm owner to pet some of the friendlier alpacas.
When she turns around to check on her sisters, she discovers her youngest sister, Naomi, has been kidnapped. Grief stricken, she tries to find her. Ben, also an alpaca enthusiast, had been petting the alpacas when Phoebe discovered her missing sister. He quickly tries to assist in her.
Ben is a young man who just moved in with his grandparents to help out on the farm. Fascinated with the alpacas, he wants to convince his grandfather to let purchase a few for the farm. He qu…